Anti-virus protection is a must for every computer. If you are concerned about better protection and currently paying for an Anti-virus, then Secure IT is a great choice. It’s very reliable and rated the best of class when compared to the big-guys. CLICK HERE to see just how well it compares to the well known names in anti-virus software. Available to install on up to 3 computers.
Secure IT Plus is a full-featured Anti Virus that comes with monthly email reports, parental controls, hard drive maintenance, hands free updates, personal firewall, montly summary reports and 24/7 phone support. Secure IT Plus is the right choice if you are serious about your virus protection.
This back-up program allows you to securely save, store or share important files off-site (away from your home or office). The process is encrypted and requires your permission to access any files, along with a small program download. File Hopper Plus is invaluable for saving important documents, pictures and providing the ability to securely share information with others; it evens works with your Droid and soon available for iPhone. The standard “cloud” storage is 5-GIG, with upgrades to 50-GIG and 250-GIG.
Works with up-to 5 of your computers (including the Droid and soon available for iPhone). Password Genie will learn and remember all your User Names and Passwords for web site accounts. All you have to do is remember one; the one for the Genie. Its security safe, easy to use and quick to install. When Password Genie is active and you go to a log-in page, it will automatically populate the log-in fields so all you do is hit “Enter” or configure it to automatically sign you in. This product is a definite 5-star for everyone!

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